Camp Peira

Publikováno 14. 6. 2020

CAMP PEIRA – – is a three-day specialized course organized by the Law Faculty of the Palacký University in cooperation with the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. This course can be characterized as so-called live simulation training. The focus on international humanitarian law and interdisciplinary approach make this training unique in the context of the Czech Republic and whole Europe. The course has a strong interdisciplinary character. Great emphasis is placed on the interconnection between theory and practice namely in areas of the law of armed conflict, international refugee and migration law, but also on issues related to providing health care in situations of violence) and on linking participants from the civilian sphere (students, experts, academics) with military professionals. CAMP PEIRA takes place in a real environment of the Czech Army´s military training area Březina/Vyškov. In terms of the content, the course is conceived as a simulation of a military camp facing influx of refugees and migrants in the situation of an non-international armed conflict. Students are given roles (legal advisor of the camp commander, refugee, migrant, NGO worker, medical staff, detained person) in which they face situations proving relevancy and complexity of the application of relevant (international) legal rules during non-international armed conflict and provision of health care. Thanks to the cooperation with members of the Czech army, students gain and enhance also other practical skills. ——————————————————————————– © Jan Hudáč –


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