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Publikováno 26. 6. 2013

The researchers from the Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacky University revealed that Czech schoolchildren are physically inactive and hold top positions in terms of alcohol consumption and smoking.

This research, in collaboration with the WHO Regional Office for Europe, is conducted every four years in 43 countries and regions across Europe and North America. For almost 30 years HBSC has been a pioneer cross-national study gaining insight into young people’s well-being, health behaviours and their social context.

The issue is introduced by HBSC principal investigator Michal Kalman and deputy principal investigator Zdeněk Hamřík. The results are commented on by leading Czech experts such as Leoš Heger, Minister of Health, Alena Šteflová, Head of WHO Country Office, Czech Republic and Petr Švec, Director of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic.

Video produced by Marek Partys (Pointfilm) in cooperation with HBSC team
for FTK UP 2013.


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